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Just like in the rest of the world, eFax is an available internet fax service in Singapore.  eFax offers free fax numbers for Singapore (+65 6) as well as international and toll free numbers.  International numbers are especially important since they allow you to send your faxes anywhere in the world, and reach as many clients as possible.  In addition to this, toll free fax numbers allow clients to send you faxes without additional charges such as overseas charges.
    With online fax solutions, it is possible to reduce your overall costs of faxing.  This includes saving on ink, paper and a fax machine.  It is also an energy efficient method of sending faxes, where your overall charges for power are greatly reduced.  This means that it is also an environmentally friendly way of sending faxes.
    There is little maintenance required for internet faxing.  You can also use the same infrastructure that you have at the office without having to buy additional equipment.  There is no need for a fax machine, cables, and plugs and so on.  All you need to your computer and access to the internet, and you are set to send and receive faxes.
    There is also technical support available in case a problem arises.  It is however important to choose eFax which offers you technical support any time you are in need of it.  The convenience attached on internet faxing solutions great.  You do not necessarily have to be at the office to be able to send and receive faxes.  You can be able to do this from literally any location where you have access to the internet.
    Something else to think about as far as internet faxing is concerned is the kind of subscription that you want.  eFax will set a limit of a certain plan, where you have a set number of faxes that you can send and receive within a particular month.  It is therefore important to choose an option that best suits the kind of faxing that you expect to do.
    eFax is the only reputable internet fax service available in Singapore.  It is important to read our review and testimonials to ensure that you are really signing up for the best legitimate service out there.

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